4×4 Matrix 16 Key Membrane Switch Keypad

Product Description

4 x 4 matrix array 16 key membrane switch keypad keyboard for arduino avr pi?c description

contact resistance of 500 O insulation resistance 100m O key operating force 150 200n rebound time 1 ms life of 100 million times operating temperature 60 degree centigrade

1, the electronic characteristics

circuit rating: 35v dc , 100ma, 1w contact resistance: 10O  500O varies according to the lead lengths and different from those of the material used insulation resistance: 100mO 100v dielectric strength: 250vrms 50  60hz 1min electric shock jitter:  5ms life span: tactile type: = one million times

2, the mechanical properties

operating pressure: touch feeling: 170  397g 6  14oz switch travel: touch type: 0.6  1.5mm

3, the environment parameters

operating temperature:  40 to plus 80 storage temperature:  40 to plus 80 temperature: from 40,90 percent to 95 percent , 240 hours vibration: 20g, max. 10  200hz, the mil sld 202 m204.condition b


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