DN15 3 wires water flow meter sensor

Product Description

1, the product looks light and flexible, small size, easy to install. 2, the impeller inside is stainless steel shaft. 3, the use of seals on the structure of the force never leak. 4, Hall sensor components imported from Germany, and potting package, to prevent water, never aging. 5, all raw materials are in line with ROHS testing standards

product description: Water flow sensor mainly by the plastic body, the flow of rotor components and Hall sensors. It is installed in the water inlet end of the water heater, used to detect the influent flow, when the water through the water flow rotor components, The magnetic rotor rotates and the speed varies with the flow rate, and the Hall sensor outputs the corresponding pulse Signal, feedback to the controller, by the controller to determine the size of the water flow, to control.

Precautions for use: It is strictly forbidden to violent impact and erosion of chemical substances. Do not throw or hit. Medium temperature should not exceed 120 degrees

the output waveform:  square wave wires: 1 red IN connected to the cathode 2 yellow OUT signal output line 3 black GND connected to negative pole 4 green R temperature sensor


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